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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bark in the Park Puppy Trot

Today was the day of the Puppy Trot. The weather was chilly and overcast, a complete change from yesterday's sunshine and warmth. Rain was in the forecast, but hadn't started yet, so Toby and I drove over to City Park to meet the other Welcome Waggers.  
Toby wore his TDI bandana and I put my Welcome Wagger T-shirt on over a sweater.
Joining the crowd heading into the park.

We found Nancy and Elaine, the volunteer coordinators for the hospital,  at the registration table. I picked up my race number and a green Bark in the Park bandana for Toby. Nancy was walking with her daughter's dog, Bagel.

Registering for the Puppy Trot.

Elaine and Nancy with Bagel
 As we waited for our event to begin, we chatted with other Welcome Waggers as one by one they arrived and registered. It was also fun to watch the crowd of dogs and owners milling around. 

Sam is a therapy dog who lives on our street!
This was my favorite of the costumed puppies.

Bagel looks ready to start trottin'
 Elaine said she had to leave her dog at home because he would misbehave. After a bit her "loaner" arrived - an adorable bulldog named Gypsy.

Gypsy was given a pink bandana to wear.
 Finally it was time to approach the start line. After the 5K racers started their run, our "pack" strolled onto the track. Toby was really excited and energized to be out walking with so many other dogs!
Let's get started!

Welcome Waggers on the track.

Therapy dogs come in all breeds and sizes.

A convenient water stop - too bad none of us thought to bring a bowl...

The dogs managed to get a drink anyway!
We had a great time! Just as we crossed the finish line, the raindrops started to fall. Unfortunately it started pouring soon after. As a result, we didn't get to stay for the agility demonstration or visit the vendor booths. It seems like such a shame for the celebration to be rained out like that. Hopefully though the Humane Society benefited greatly from the successful 5K and Puppy Trot. Looking forward to doing it all again next year!


Sam said...

It looks like you had a great day!


Amy said...

Yeah!Lots of fun and great puppies!

heyitsjethere said...

Hey Toby, Jet here.

Guess what? Mom and Koko, may she be frolicking OTRB, were a TDI team, too!

Thank you for participating in such a wonderful event and raising awareness for therapy dogs.

Your pictures made us smile... sorry the weather ruined the end part.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

What a fabulous event! That Collie is just adorable and the hot dog costume is totally delicious!!

Oskar said...

It looks like a fantastic day!

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Nubbin wiggles,

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