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Monday, September 16, 2013

Colorado Hero for Animals

Sheriff's Deputy Dan Perusek.

 He is the savior of dozens of horses, llamas, goats, and others stranded in the Colorado floods.  "I don't have kids, but I have animals..." His voice chokes with emotion.

He and his dramatic rescues are featured in the last 2 minutes of this video (at 5:36). But the whole video shows haunting footage of the raging floodwaters threatening people, their livestock, and their homes. Especially impressive: amateur drone footage that makes you feel you are floating just above the water.

Our country is fortunate to have so many citizens and professionals who are willing to sacrifice their own safety to help in natural disasters. I'm so thankful that the animals are not being forgotten, or as Deputy Perusek says, "Somebody's got to give them a fighting chance too."

My thoughts are with the missing, hoping they will be located soon and that they are safe.


Molly The Wally said...

Bless Dan and all the wonderful folk willing to help rescue both humans and animals. We pray for everyone to be safe.
Best wishes Molly

Lydia Criss Mays said...

we're on it here at See Beautiful. We're doing some digging to see what we can do to help support the people rescuing these people and animals. Wow. Thank you for sharing.

Shaye Walsh said...

National Dog Week is coming up and I wanted to share this fun photo campaign with you. When you get a chance, can you send me a quick email to touch base?

KB Bear said...

As someone in the midst of this crisis, it's been wonderful to see that, when the authorities give numbers, they always mention the number of pets that have been rescued. I've never seen that before. There are numerous videos on the news showing whole families being taken out of the mountains in choppers, including their dogs and cats...

I couldn't watch the video. I am just too emotionally upset and anxious right now. But, I'll come back and watch it when I'm feeling better.

Thanks for this post.

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