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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Compassion Fatigue Is Not An Option

Calamity follows calamity. Words are insufficient to describe the suffering (again). The obstacles to rescuing the survivors in distress seem to be common denominators…roads and ports ruined or totally blocked, airports destroyed, ships days away but on the way…If I could wave a magic wand, there would be helicopters and bulldozers instantaneously.

Photo By Wally Santana/AP
So. The Phillipines, especially the island of Leyte, specifically Tacloban, almost a week after the horrific typhoon.

It's not easy to look at the photographs from thousands of miles away. Once again I feel helpless and a bit guilty in my safe, comfortable home, enjoying our bountiful life. There is a series of before and after photos that are worth a look (if you haven't seen them already):

The images show what is easy to forget, that these victims also lived relatively peaceful lives in well-ordered cities and villages. This is the necessary reminder that we must help, that every small donation will eventually rebuild or heal something for someone there. I know how generous the BlogPaws community is, I've seen the outreach and "Power of the Paw" when a member or member's beloved pet is hurting. Today it is the "Power of the Dollar" that is needed by strangers, far away. 

STRUGGLING. Children pull sacks of goods they recovered from abandoned stores as they go past the rubble of houses in Tacloban city. Photo by EPA/Dennis Sabangan
This video gives some options for where to donate money to help the people of the Phillipines:

If you prefer to help the suffering companion animals who are also victims of the typhoon, click here:

to donate to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, specifically working in the Phillipines.

Please join Toby and me in giving our bit to help. No amount is too small - it will all be needed in the days and weeks to come.


Molly The Wally said...

We feel so sad for them all and pray relief starts to get through now.
Best wishes Molly

tubby3pug said...

It's so tragic
Urban hounds

houndstooth said...

It's so overwhelming to see everyone suddenly so devastated. One thing about natural disasters like this is that it always seems to bring out the best in others. Here's hoping that they find the aid and relief they need!

Jackie Bouchard said...

So tragic. It's hard to imagine going through that. We're so lucky to be safe and sound here.

I did some research on who to donate to. Wanted the max $$s to go to RELIEF and not to admin expenses. Ended up choosing a group called Direct Relief - they have a great score on Charity Navigator.

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