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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Word About Chronology

Toby visits with Flat Stanley for Ryan's second grade class.
When I started this blog I thought I'd spend several weeks describing, in chronological order, all of Toby's classes and adventures. What I've discovered is that too many things are happening in the here-and-now that I want to write about before they are a distant memory. Yet it is still fun to time travel back to those puppy days and first experiences.

I don't want to make the blog confusing to visit. What seems more natural, though, is to mix up the posts, and talk about current happenings sometimes, and past events at other times. That way I can be excited about the present but look back at the past.

Since we are waiting for Toby's therapy dog license to arrive, the next posts will probably be about previous lessons or experiences (there's his first camping trip, for example). Thanks for your patience while I learn what works best for me as a new blogger - and thank you for following my and Toby's blog!


Lauren said...

Such a cute photo!! That flat stanley thing is so funny! Just do whatever feels right to you on the blog. Mix it up if that's what is working - we won't be confused! It will be fun to see his old puppy pictures in the midst of keeping up with his progress as a therapy dog! :) Love you!

kallis said...

Unbelievable job mates, I enjoy going through your articles.

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