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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toby Practices His Party Skills

Toby obliges the paparazzi.
This weekend we joined SEVA GRREAT, the Golden Rescue that rescued Toby, for a fundraiser at one of the local pubs. For a modest donation we had a chance to mingle with other members and their dogs, raffle tickets, and a free beer. A musician was on hand to add some classic rock.

A Golden chance to see beautiful rescue dogs.

There were lots of opportunities for Toby to interact with strangers, including children. This is so important to therapy dog work. Although Toby has passed his certification test he still needs to continue his socialization skills while we await his TDI license.

This cutie was happy to help us with therapy dog training.

It was a really hot afternoon, about 90 degrees, and the asphalt radiated more heat. Toby took turns getting in the kiddie pools but the dogs all were still uncomfortably hot. We decided to stay for an hour and then run back home to the air conditioning.

Two of the adorable adoptable dogs tempted us (but we really aren't looking for another dog right now). A 12 week old puppy named Monica had also survived parvovirus and was so friendly and sweet!

Little Monica gets a ride from her foster mom.

Ted shocked me by saying he wished we could adopt Monica!

Handsome Dallas looks like a keeper to me!

Toby's our boy though and he's plenty for right now. It was fun watching him interact with other people. He seems to know we're his family though!

1 comment :

Lauren said...

That looks like so much fun!!! That was a really hot day! I tried to stay inside for most of it - I don't blame Toby for getting in the kiddie pool lots! Monica is a cutie! I can't believe Dad said that! haha

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