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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beautiful New Collar for Therapy Dog Visits

I'm so excited about my most recent purchase for Toby!

From the See Beautiful website - a wonderful See Beautiful - We Do dog tag!

It will go on with just his "I Am A Therapy Dog" tag

And from Sugar's Paw House - a lovely turquoise Hawaiian floral print collar!

This will be just for Therapy Dog visits, a tribute to the beauty I hope Toby will bring to people's day. 

Note I: If you think Toby looks sullen, you would be right. He was 1 foot from the door with his leash on for a walk when the skies opened up. Ted even opened the back door so he could see the downpour for himself, but he was mad at us anyway!
Of course, later he did get a long walk.
Note II: Just to be clear, this is not an ad, review, sponsored or anything. Just a post about a collar, folks.


Sam said...

It's a beautiful collar! The color goes very well with him.


Amy said...

Thank you!

Sheba. said...

I've just hopped over on the blog hop to say hi.

I love the collar you will look very smart on your therapy visits bringing happiness to so many people.

Keep the good work up Toby.

I'm now following you. Lovely blog.


Amy said...

Thank you Sheba! It is so nice of you to stop by on the hop! I'll visit back :)

Cotton said...

Loving the collar :)
I'm Cotton and I'm new here but I like your blog and I followed do you think you could do the same for me?
Thanks and woofs

Donna and the Dogs said...

What a great color - he will look very handsome on his visits!

Blueberry's human said...

Toby has the sweetest eyes! That color looks great on him by the way!

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