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Monday, August 13, 2012

Toby Reveals the Real Mischief Maker

What to post for Monday Mischief? Toby has been so good (and I helped him by thoughtfully hiding the steak for supper on top of the refrigerator yesterday). Really, no mischief to speak of.  I may have to change my blog title if this keeps up.

However if Toby could post about "mischief" from his point of view, I think he would have a lot to say.
Here's Toby's  list of his owner's mischief:
"They could at least have waited until Christmas!"

1. New camera and computer (first Mac ever!!!) in the same week is just mischievous. I get my walk and dinner and otherwise feel ignored in preference to a big glowing screen. WOOF to that.
"She didn't leave me much shredding to do!"

2. Mom was kind enough to buy me a new huge squeaky toy that looks like a squirrel after a serious nuclear power plant accident. Then, after I got all the squeakers out so it was perfect, she tried to play tug with me and it ripped in half the long way. So now it's just ruined.

3. She admitted already about hiding the steak meat when she went upstairs to help Ted learn how to turn on that insufferable new computer.

4. She took me on 3 errands today and actually left me in the car at the post office. I don't care that she was only gone 2 minutes and remembered to open the windows. I howled EXTRA loud. I hope she was ashamed of herself.

The scene of the crime.
"Ah, the good old days."

5. The bed next to the computer that I used to sleep on while Mom stared at the big glowing screen? Gone. They moved it to a different room after they put a new floor in this weekend. How thoughtless can people be?

However I still love my people and try to remember that I have only been training them for less than 2 years. I keep to the doggie code of patience and steadfast love. I remind them as gently as possible that I am their best and most loyal friend. That's me - always trying to set a good example.
Hmmm...  how to reach the top of the fridge....


Blueberry's human said...

Aw Toby, is there anything more disappointing than a stuffy without the stuff?? You are good to put up with your mischievous humans! ;)

tubby3pug said...

You have been up to some mischief!

urban hounds

Colby said...

Awww...Stetson would be hating me if I ever removed the human bed. Since the day he was allowed up he hasn't gotten off.

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Hey Toby,

You sure are showing superb levels of patience buddy - time for a little Mischief of your own? Just wondering :)

I have to say though my Mum loooves her mac (not more than she loves me, of course) - I've got a Futon bed to lie on whilst she plays on it - maybe you could get one of those, they're pretty comfy!! :)

Hang in there Dude,

Your pal Snoopy :)

Amy said...

There are 3 beds (human) in the house and Toby is allowed on 2 of them. It gives him great joy. Maybe the dogs love being up high for a change - I know Toby likes to look out the windows from up there.

Amy said...

Life might otherwise become boring, heaven forbid!

Amy said...

I used a Mac 11 years ago for a class and loved it. I've been lobbying for one ever since so this is VERY exciting! I'm cramming in as much time as possible before school starts to learn how to use it properly. Good to hear that you're happy with yours!

Donna and the Dogs said...

Wow Toby - it sure sounds like your people are really messing with your head....and all so they can get new stuff, while all you get is a broken squirrel toy. And moving your favorite bed is just awful. :-( You know, if you jump the kitchen counter or a table first, you might be able to make the leap to the fridge. Just be careful you don't hurt yourself!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Toby you are the BEST!!

Amy said...

That could be dangerous. If only I had a cat for a partner :) -Toby

Amy said...

Back atcha!

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