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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Clean the Bay Day

I live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. 
Today is the 25th annual Clean the Bay Day. 

Last week I signed up online to volunteer in Norfolk, Virginia. The website said I would be contacted by the site captain and told when and where to go this morning. I never heard from the site captain, to my disappointment. 

If I had gone to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation website I would have learned that there were overflow sites nearby where I could just show up to participate. But I didn't know about that.

So Toby and I did our part privately. We went to the wooded area next to Edinburgh Park (where Toby got his Park Day 2.0 Bingo). I figured two grocery bags was all I could carry, so that's what I took along. These woods are evidently used by teenagers and others, though we never see anyone during the day. This is our haul:
Good boy Toby! All that junk can be recycled or disposed of properly so it doesn't leach chemicals into the soil or end up floating in the Chesapeake Bay.

I saw another bottle on the way home, for a total of 20 water bottles recycled.

I picked up 3 more beer cans on the way home, for a total of 17 aluminum cans.

None of this is  recyclable. I put it in the trash can at the park for the city to pick up. It will go to the landfill instead of the soil and water locally. 

Our city recycles cardboard and foil.

Can you believe I found this? Way to go "responsible dog owner" - NOT! Putting the poop in a plastic wrapper and then dropping it in the woods does not make it more environmentally friendly!
Toby is challenging you, fellow pet owners. He says that if you live in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed*, you can help this weekend to Save the Bay. If you participated in Clean the Bay day or do your own cleanup this weekend, please leave a comment! If you want to share a photo, email Toby at (subject line "save the bay") and I will do a follow-up post sharing your story and photos!

*It's more than "just the bay!" Click here to learn whether and how you might impact the Chesapeake Bay by living in the watershed.


Collie222 said...

Thanks for following us! I added your blog to the list of blogs we follow, so I don't miss any of your posts!

What a great thing to do! We don't have as much of an issue with garbage in our area, but our beach is still littered with broken glass and debris from Hurricane Sandy and Irene. It's such a shame, but in our town, many houses on the beach were completely destroyed. We will think of you next time we pick up broken glass or debris on our town beach! :)

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! The cleanup is ongoing for you and will be for awhile. I'm so sorry about the effect on your beach. Thank you so much for following my blog!

Anonymous said...

we're always disgusted on wilderness hikes how much trash is just left there. If they can carry it in you would think they could carry it out since it wouldn't weigh as much.

But good for your efforts.

Loving Max said...

That is one of my pet peeves...litterbugs! Thanks for cleaning it up!

GizmoGeodog said...

The big cleanups are nice Toby but it's just as important to clean up the places we go on a regular basis...Momz & I try to carry a grocery bag with us whenever we hike and almost always come home with it filled, mostly with water bottles that we add to our recycle bin...Every bit helps keep our parks and trails nicer

Amy said...

The area I notice trash the most is the beach. Some of it washes ashore I'm sure. But yes; on a wilderness hike it is kind of unexpected.

Amy said...

Haha me too!

Amy said...

You are so right as usual Gizmo.

KB Bear said...

You two are such good citizens! It's terrible what people will litter in the woods, next to roadways, and almost anywhere. I live on a mountain road where city people like to come to visit the mountains. They are up here for the beauty (I presume), yet they toss trash out their windows. We have an annual road clean-up, and I cannot believe the stuff that I find by the side of the road. Car tires, washing machines, plus all the usual bottles/cans etc. I pick up what I can on a daily basis and so do others, but there's no way to keep up.

Way to go cleaning up!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Sad that not many don't care of the environment and their surroundings. Makes us mad when we go to the lakefront park. Also irresponsible dog owners ... what a shame. Glad you guys did your part. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Misaki @ misadventuresofMisaki said...

Good job!! its sad that people don't clean up after themselves. We often see those bags of poop about, and don't understand why its so hard to hold on to them until a bin can be found...

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