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Friday, June 7, 2013

Following up on Clean the Bay Day

Photo Credit: Chesapeake Bay Foundation 
Last Saturday I posted about Clean the Bay Day, an annual event when volunteers pick up litter and debris in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (if you missed it click here). This year marked the 25th anniversary of the first Clean the Bay Day. 
Oyster Reef Restoration on Lynnhaven River
Photo Credit: Lynnhaven River Now

The numbers below represent the result of  this year's Clean the Bay Day. Here's a little quiz game for you. Simply put the correct letter in the blanks below:
A. 6000                                    
B. 125,000                             
C. 500                                     
D. 30,000                            
E. 5,000
F. 20
G. 20

____ dollars donated by Farm Fresh's reusable bags program
____miles of shoreline cleaned
____cities and counties in Virginia that took part
____pounds of litter and debris collected
____number of volunteers participating
____dollars donated by the SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Conservation Fund
____Virginia State Parks with cleanup sites

The answers are at the bottom of the post. If you want extra credit or just want to cheat, you can visit the news release by clicking here.
Photo Credit: Lynnhaven River Now

Thank you to Gizmo for offering a great suggestion. When out walking your dog, take an extra bag along to pick up  litter along the way.
It's more pleasant to walk in a litter-free area, and it's a great way to reuse any plastic bags you may have. As a bonus you can recycle cans and bottles that would otherwise just make the view ugly.

KB Bear helps with an an annual road cleanup, also picks up litter regularly, and  mentioned the huge stuff people dump, like washing machines. On Saturday some of the weirder finds were a door to a safe, a law enforcement ankle bracelet, and an antique kitchen sink. Most of the litter collected was bottles, bags, and butts (cigarette). Of course there were also tires and such.

Misaki noted seeing poop bags lying on the ground too. Crazy right? As she said, we 
"don't understand why its so hard to hold on to them until a bin can be found..."

Answers to the quiz game:
D, C, F/G, B, A, E, G/F
6000 volunteers; 500 miles of shoreline; 125,000 pounds of litter; $30,000 from Farm Fresh; $5,000 from SeaWorld/Busch Gardens; 20 cities; 20 state parks


Collie222 said...

I will admit I have hidden a poop bag on a hike, but only because it was going to be a four hour hike, and carrying that bag up the side of a mountain and back down again...well, I just couldn't do it. But I always pick up the bag and dispose of it at the end of the hike. Hopefully the person just forgot, and didn't do it on purpose.

Amy said...

But you DID dispose of it at the end of the hike! Yes, it would be nice to think people didn't mean to be inconsiderate.

Misaki @ misadventuresofMisaki said...

You guys are so great to help up with the clean up! Hope it encourages more people to keep the area clean :-)

KB Bear said...

I have a friend who always carries an extra poop bag to pick up after those who were negligent...

Good job - it sounds like you really made a difference!

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Hi Guys,

It's great that the areas are getting cleaned up! I can't believe some of the items they found though!

wags to all,

Your pal Snoopy :)

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